On a Generous Donor

Jonathan Jacob Meijer is one of the most giving men on the planet. His donations have changed countless lives and helped hundreds of families. Yet, in 2017, his home nation of The Netherlands decreed that his days of generous donating were over. The government’s actions raised some eyebrows in some quarters but were applauded by others. But Meijer’s ban didn’t stop him. He simply moved his giving internationally, spreading his special type of generosity world-wide.

Let’s back up a moment. Jonathan Jacob Meijer was born about 1981 in The Hague. He grew up loving music, and, as he entered his teen-aged years, he looked the part of a musician. He sported long blonde hair and the striking good looks of a rock star. And he made music his career. Today, he lives in Kenya and still makes music online. You might wonder where he would get the resources for his generosity, but we will come back to that. And why he lives in Kenya brings us back to his donations.

So, the reason Meijer had to move out of The Netherlands was because he was prosecuted by his native country. He was taken to court because of what he kept insisting was his right to do: Donating. In fact, The Netherlands insisted that other nations refuse Meijer’s gifts, and they requested that the nations in which Meijer had donated would destroy the donations by Meijer that they could get their hands on.

You may think this is government run amok, and you might have a point. However, the courts of The Netherlands cited public health as their concern over what Meijer had been doing. What’s more, some of the recipients of the Dutchman’s generosity testified against him, saying that while they were grateful to him to some extent, that the future of their families might be harmed because of his gift. The major concern of these families was that their children might one day commit incest because of what Meijer had given them.

You see, in all, Jonathan Jacob Meijer’s generous donations to sperm banks and private recipients around the globe has brought about the birth of over 600 children.


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