On a Jealous Sister

Dear Diary,

Well, it happened.

What do you do when your ex dates your sister? And not just your ex—your baby’s daddy. Do you get angry? Sad? Resigned? Do you seek revenge? If so, against which party? In a way, I feel that sis betrayed me, even if Hank and I aren’t together anymore.

I know, I know, dear diary. I had my chance. Back when Hank and I dated, he was younger (duh!) and we probably both took the situation for granted. Sure, he had a wife, but still. At the time, yeah; I cared for him. I mean, we had a kid together, for Chrissake.

He won’t stay faithful to her, that’s for sure. I mean, loyalty simply isn’t Hank’s thing, is it? That’s why we broke up, wasn’t it? Still, it stings. With all the women could have (and he never had trouble getting girls), why did he have go after my little sister?

It’s easy to see she’s swooning over an older guy. Anyone can recognize that she’s embarrassing herself. I know she’s had boyfriends before, but she seems to have lost her head over this relationship like a little kid.

Not that she’s innocent. I could tell you stories, dear diary, of what she did when our family went to Europe years ago, stories that would make your head spin. No, she’s far from innocent here.

Add to it that she’s probably gonna anger him with that temper of hers. Yeah, ok, she’s pretty, but that is countered by her open flirting. Yeah, Hank’s not gonna put up with either of those things. The girl absolutely can’t keep a secret.

Well, I wish her luck, dear diary. Even if the relationship is doomed, if Anne wants to date King Henry VIII, I won’t stand in her way.


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