On a Famous Landmark

In the most populous city in the United States, a mere 25 people live in this location according to the 2010 census. Yet, is one of the most visited landmarks in New York City—over 40 million folks go there in a normal year.  

The ones who designed it called it the “Greensward Plan.” It has a budget of $65 million a year. 

And a massive 5,000,000 ft.³ of earth was moved during its construction. And, speaking of construction, 20,000 laborers worked to build it. Five of them lost their lives during the build. More gun powder was used in its construction that was fired across all three days at the battle of Gettysburg. 

More movies have used it as a set than any other place in New York City. And a new genus—not species but genus—of insect was discovered there.  It is open 24/7/365. 

Can you guess this New York icon? Give up? 

You know it as Central Park. 

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