On Business Cards

In this modern age, a gentleperson finds that business cards have become somewhat passe’. That saddens this gentleman, for a business card can convey much useful information as well as provide writing space on the reverse of the card (if printing is not found there) for notes or reminders about the person or the meeting in which one obtained said card. The design of and the information chosen to be on the business card say much about the gentleperson who proffers it.

If one is unfamiliar with the practice, this gentleman recommends that a search be made on the nearest electronic device for calling cards or visiting cards. Here, for your perusal, is a handy link:  The Gentleman’s Guide. This gentleman effusively recommends the linked blog.

By way of tempting you to visit said site, here is a brief introduction to calling cards one may find there:

To the unrefined or unbred, the visiting card is but a trifling and insignificant bit of paper; but to the cultured disciple of social law, it conveys a subtle and unmistakable intelligence. Its texture, style of engraving, and even the hour of leaving it combine to place the stranger, whose name it bears, in a pleasant or a disagreeable attitude even before his manners, conversation, and face have been able to explain his social position.”

This gentleman heartily agrees.

Towards that end, this gentleman endeavored to obtain blank business card stock on which to hand write a calling/business card. This, he reasons, combines the social etiquette of the calling card with the information garnered from a business card. The fact that the card will be hand-written makes it even more personal. Also, such a practice gives this gentleman an excuse to use one of the scrummy daily writers. And, as mentioned, other information can be put there such as an invitation to dine or sup or even a short reminder of an appointment or event.

Note that in no way should a calling/business card be seen to have taken the place of the thank you note, the expression of sympathy, or a formal invitation. To attempt to fill both sides of a blank business card with such things that should be reserved for a card or a letter tells the recipient that the gentleman may not, in fact, be a gentleman because of laziness or the inability to follow social norms. It would be, in the vernacular, tres gauche.

This gentleman recognizes the ease at which one may transmit business information via the electronic device and appreciates that ease. However, as with letter and card writing, the calling/business card reminds us that there may still be a modicum of genteel behavior left in this world.

Carry on.

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