On My Daily Writers

This gentleman is currently reveling in a German Phase of pen using. The attached photo shows, from top to bottom, an Online using green ink in a medium nib, an Online using blue ink in a medium nib, a Lamy using blue ink in a fine nib, and a Lamy using brown ink in a medium nib.

The neophyte might wonder why a gentleman would have cause to use more than one pen a day. The answer, dear reader, may not be so simple. The reasons for using a different pen may include but are not limited to:

Purpose-I’ll use the Lamy with fine blue for signing a document rather than writing a letter, for example. (Note: Blue ink should be used by a gentleperson for signatures so that one can distinguish an original document from a copy.) The green-inked Online is great for quick note taking (The nib is smooth, the pen is light, and it seems to be able to write at any angle, so.); I usually take it out with me to run errands. This gentleman often uses the Lamy with brown for letters.

Mood-Yes, dear reader, a gentleman–one who sometimes finds difficulty in expressing himself in more conventional manners such as, oh, speech, for example, might feel like expressing himself in pen and ink. Exhibit One: The cheerful and robust roundness of the larger, heavier Online pen is perfect for boldly making plans in one’s Leuchtturm 1917 notebook or one’s Simple Elephant Day Planner. Exhibit Two: As stated, the brown ink in the medium nibbed Lamy looks smashing on a personal note card to a chum and creates the right amount of dash and a hint of daring-do. Colors share feeling. Add to this the tactile sense that each pen has and, remember, that a medium nib and a fine nib (or a broad nib, for that matter) will feel different on the paper as it writes. Those differences can both reflect and shape the mood of the discerning gentleman.

Fun-Frivolity, lightheartedness, and–dare we think it–silliness all make using different pens fun. This gentleman recently made an impulse purchase of two Platinum Preppy pens, one of them in red with a fine nib and one in blue with a medium nib. The Platinum pens look nothing like these shown above; they have clear bodies so a gentleperson can see the ink in the body of the pen. Soon, this gentleman will swap one or two of the current daily users for one or more of the Platinums even though the new pens are relatively cheapies compared to the Lamys or the Onlines. Why? For the fun of it all. Hobbies allow for that, surely?

Carry on.


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